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I was born and raised on the island of Nantucket.  When the island filled with summer visitors my natural curiosity and impulsivity did not stop me from approaching strangers and asking “Where are you from?  What’s it like there?”  I always loved meeting people from all over the world and it inspired me to travel. I chose the name Brant Point Coaching because of the symbolism this lighthouse has had in my life.  It is the first structure one sees upon entering Nantucket harbor via ferry.  Upon leaving the island it represents a launching pad into the world.  It is also my way of acknowledging the brave men who left their families and went on long voyages during the whaling era.

I read an article about ADHD in the newspaper one day, took the test, and scored very high.  My intuition told me to take action and learn and understand more about ADHD.  I sought the guidance of an ADHD coach and began exploring how ADHD has influenced my professional and personal life.  As I revisted my values and strengths I began to see the world differently and  formed new beliefs that removed difficulties, banished fears, and made living each day easier.

 I understood that it was important to pass this incredible gift to others.

 In 2015 I made the decison to become a professional ADHD coach.

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