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Discovering and Building a More Orderly Tomorrow ....... TODAY !

Welcome to BrantPoint Coaching and the first step in your journey "Discovering and Building a More Orderly Tomorrow ~~~ Today!"

Together we will help you discover how the unique relationship of ADHD Coaching creates a safe space for empowering you to understand and manage your attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. We custom select from the many approaches available in the ADHD Coaching Program tools that specifically work for you. ADHD Coaching is always focused on moving you forward through personal self discovery. ADHD Coaching is not professional therapy. ADHD Coaching helps you open the 
window to self, and looking within, seeing the special capabilities that you already posses. You will discover how to use these gifts to have a more orderly life.

Beginning with three orientation sessions over a one month period you will identify and give voice to topics that you wish to discuss. The topics will be of your choosing.

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